The Journey Of Life Where Freedom Flies Journey To The Land Of Imagination

Journey to the Land of Imagination

Journey to the Land of Imagination

Diana is one of the artists on this musical CD. It’s a personalized Childrens CD that takes your child on a magical journey through the land of imagination.

Your child hears their name 53 times throughout the CD. It’s a fun-filled, danceable CD. Watch your child’s eyes light up, when they hear their name! Fun for all!!

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Journey To The Land Of Imagination
This is your new friend Jeffery, I met you and your parents at Nordstroms this afternoon, you have a VERY COOL FAMILY. After reviewing your music and images I only have three words to say ... WOW ... WOW ... and WOW! (Ooops, dd I say three words, let's change that to four ;-) I look foward to speaking with you soon and honoring my offer.
   --Jeffery Patchen,Currently at Jack London Square, Oakland CA.
please tell me how to order this cd my child has severe disabilities and enjoys this cd and i can not locate this cd anywhere
Where can I find this cd?
   --Teri Andrus,Utah.