The Journey Of Life Where Freedom Flies Journey To The Land Of Imagination

The Journey Of Life

The Journey of Life


"The Journey of Life" is a compilation of life experiences written and or co-written by Diana Nagy. Her rich vocals and powerful lyrics encapsulate you into a world of reverence as she sings about of the matters of the heart. This music with a positive message, spans from the rock beat of "The Journey of Life" to the powerhouse ballad "The Prayer". "Where Freedom Flies" a national favorite, is the first release off this debut album and Diana donates a portion of the proceeds to help support our troops and wounded warriors worldwide.

"Music is the laughter of the soul. May these songs light a candle in your heart, even in the darkest of nights. Remember, it's not the destination that's the most important in life, it's the journey along the way. So let's dance!"

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  1. Captured Love

  2. The Journey Of Life

  3. Where Freedom Flies

  4. God Built This House

  5. I Surrender

  6. Shine

  7. Return To Glory

  8. Your Eyes Fill My Soul

  9. The Gift Of Life

  10. The Prayer
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General Comments
Your picture is now our screen saver.
Hi Diana, The sales rep at Ferrell distributing says I can get discount cd's and we like to order a swimsuit calendar. I would also like to order a cook book. But Sean says you don't cook. He says Diva's don't cook. Your fan, Ernie in Livermore.
Diana, Love the music and voice. Your site is Great. Very Nice. Great Pictures. Always been an admirer. Gene T.
   --Gene T.,El Sobrante, Ca..
Wow! What a great CD! Its been a long time since my children and I could agree on a CD to play in the car, but this is it. Just a real pleasure to listen to. Thank you for sharing your talent!
   --Lisa G.,California.
Dear Sweet Diana, You do rock! I love it. I will have Haley listen when she get home. What a beautiful tribute to our troups with Where freedom flies. I loved it. You are a doll and I love you pictures. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice and message. Love
   --Sue Van Dyke,Walnut Creek.
inspiring touching beautiful
   --all somgs,Reno .
hello from gary and bobcat batteries co. would like to inquire if there are any lifesize posters available at present.
   --gary,bobcat batteries co..
Diana, you not only are beautiful, but have a great voice. Wish I were younger. I like your style. I am not in to I tunes. How can I buy CD's? Will you be back close to Vegas anytime soon?
   --Robert Valentine,Las Vegas.
Diana, I met you in Albuquerque with the tea party express. You signed your CD for me. It has become my favorite. I'm a freelance artist and I listen to the CD while working on my art. It inspires me!
   --Tom Lacerte,Pueblo, CO.
   --Mike L,Gilbert, AZ.
Oh My Gosh, Diana!! My First Holy Communion partner!wow, I was amazed when I looked up the event details for Walk for Life 1/24 and found you. Amazing, look forward to hearing you sing!! Cindy Souza/Poipao
hi diana its rachel your old neighbor i miss u and ur cd's are amazing!! i using them 4 a religion project at school!! miss ya -Rachel
Excellent songs from the sampler. I like your new CD! Your new DC fan, Alex S.
   --Alex Sutono,Vienna, VA.
I am one of the Warrior Watch Riders that escorted Capt Elizabeth Hultgren to her welcome home celebration. It was a pure pleasure to hear you sing. I hope you'll consider coming to more of the welcome home escorts. You inspire the partiot in everyone that hears you when you sing "Where Freedom Flies". Keep writing those patriotic songs. We love them. Thanks for attending. Now, I have to get your CD.
   --Bob Prater,Concord, CA.
You are a very hot babe.. What are you like 25? I love your music!
   --David ,San Francisco.
Just out of name is also Diana Nagy. I'm wondering if we have some connection somewhere in our ancestry. I'm from Ohio.
   --Diana Nagy,Georgetown, TX.
Diana chance meeting on an airplane led me to your site and music, your right you do have a gift. Hope Lonagan wins today. Keep up the fight. Regards, Joe H.
   --Joe H,Princeton, NJ.
Where Freedom Flies
Only a girl with your roots can sing so passionately about freedom.
   --Charles Bruckner,Coldwater, KS.
The Gift Of Life
Diana, The gift of Ift is my favorite cut on this record... When Are you coming out with a new record?
   --Your old friend ,lake Tahoe.