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  • - This non-partisan, non-profit organization, spearheaded by the fiery Melanie Morgan, lives, eats, and breathes with passion and love for our troops and our country. They spend their time working countless hours raising money, touring, sending care packages to our troops, our wounded warriors and using their voice to let our troops know America cares and stands behind them. I get many emails from our troops thanking Move America Forward and myself for being their voice.

  • - This is a Personalized Childrens CD, of which I am one of the artists singing on the album. It takes your child through the land of imagination, and expands their horizons, all the while they are singing and dancing to the tunes. It’s a positive, upbeat, dancing CD.Parents email me and call me thanking me for all the fun they are having with their children as they sing and dance to the songs. It awakens the childlike heart in us all. I like listening to it myself!

  • - an in-depth interview with Diana.

  •  Sentinels Of Freedom Scholarship Foundation for our wounded warriors. Founded by a good friend of mine, Mike Conklin, this organization's mission is to provide opportunities for men and women in the US Armed Forces who have suffered severe injuries and need the support of grateful communities to realize their dreams.  The communities come forward to help them in continuing education, and finding them work to support their families.  They award them vehicles, housing, jobs, and opportunity.  The community steps forward to embrace them with love and friendship.  I have had the honor to sing at some of the Welcome Home Ceremonies for our heroes, as we welcome them into the community.  It is a privilege, and always an emotional and beautiful patriotic ceremony.
  Operation Second Chance assists in the recovery and rehabilitation of wounded service men and women as well as facilitate the transition back into society.  I first met Cindy McGrew, founder and Frank Mielenz on Veterans Day, 07.  They brought a group of wounded warriors from Walter Reed Military Hospital in Washington, DC, to the San Francisco Bay Area for a weekend of fun.  We honored the heroes at a local event, in which I was privileged to sing for them.  Afterwards, I was able to join them for lunch before they were off to the next excursion planned for them. It was a pleasure to be able to chat and laugh with them, and get hugs from all. 
  This organization is made up of professional athletes, who have tremendous athletic ability and talent.  They are grateful for their God-given gifts, and want to live their lives giving back.  When the spotlight shines on them, they say they want to take that light and shine it up to the Heavens to give the glory where it belongs.  "To whom much is given, much is expected."  They are up to that challenge everyday of their lives as they strive to be true role models, and live their lives with morals and values that all generations can look up to.  I sang an pre-superbowl event for them at The Phoenician in Scottsdale Arizona, Superbowl weekend 2008, and look forward to doing more events with them.