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November 1 - June 10

Statewide Coordinator - Tom DelBeccaro for U.S. Senate - Diana stays local as she fights for her conservative values in California working on the Tom DelBeccaro for U.S. Senate campaign.  She has spent the past 8 years touring the country advocating for conservative candidates across the nation, and sees a golden opportunity to help her own State.  "We have an opportunity to elect a candidate who will represent  and help all of Californians, a pro-growth candidate who will stand strong on the constitution and the great values and principals this nation was founded upon.  It's that important to me at this time, to give up my career for now, and focus solely on working to help California."  She will be involved solely in the campaing,  coordinating events and volunteers across the State personally assisting U.S. Senate Candidate Thomas DelBeccaro. 

October 17

 Birthright State Conference - Diana will be the keynote speaker at their annual State Conference - her life story spoken in words and her soaring vocals through the beat of a song, is a riveting testimony that will leave you on the edge of your seat, which has inspired her upcoming book "The Long Road Home."

October 9 - October 11

 Ritz Carlton - Half Moon Bay, CA. - Private Event

October 6

Knights Of Columbus Evening Dinner Event ~  Diana will be speaking and performing for the Knights Of Columbus. 

October 3

 Private Event

September 29

Perform The National Anthem - SFGiant's at AT&T Park  ~ Due to the recent unexpected & sudden passing of Diana's father, who always took the field with her, Diana was not ready to take the field without him yet.  She is sorry, but will re-schedule for next year.

September 26

 Diana has back to back to back private events scheduled today. - 3 events

August 29

Solemn Profession Of  Vows - St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church - Oakland CA.  10:00am - Diana will be singing high above the crowd, halfway to heaven in the exquisite beauty of the choir loft of this newly renovated Cathedral-like Church, for this special occasion.  One of  Diana's favorite places to sing are in Choir Lofts - "It's always a gift and an amazing and profound experience to sing in the beautiful Choir Lofts of Cathedrals.  It truly feels like one is joining the choirs of angels in the heavens. I especially love it here, at St. Elizabeth's in Oakland, because my Mom went to school here, my roots are here - not to mention it's run by the Franciscians, and they Rock!"  

August 28

 Private Event

August 9

 Wine & Roses Hotel and Spa - Lodi CA - Private Event

August 6

 Private Event

June 25

 Troopathon 8 -  7 Hour Star-Studded Fundraiser for The Troops ~ Diana joins Rita Cosby, Melanie Morgan and a star-studded cast 7 hour fundraiser for out troops. Streamed Live from Move America Headquarters - Sacramento, CA.  -


June 13

 Private Event

June 6

Private Event 

April 12

 Due to an unexpected and tragic event in Diana's family, she will not be booking nationally so she can be home with her family to take care personal matters.  The Nagy family appreciates your prayers in this difficult most time in their lives.  Thank you 

April 2 - April 5

 Easter Weekend ~ The Triduum - St. Isidore Catholic Church, Danville, CA. - Diana will be singing Holy Thursday at 7:30pm for the profound Passover Celebration, Good Friday Services from 12-3 Stations of the Cross; walking the steps with Jesus on the road to Calvary,  Holy Saturday Night Vigil at 7:30 pm. - Celebration of Light service; which starts in darkness with the congregation lighting their candles from  the bowl of fire in the back of the Church, signifying Christ is the Light of the Earth - this is also the night many are baptized and brought into the fullness of the Catholic Church receiving the sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation.  Easter Sunday Morning - St. Isidore will have double Masses.  Diana will be singing the additional 9:15 am and 10:45 am Masses across the street in the gym, which will be transformed into a beautiful sanctuary, and then she'll move back into the Church to sing at 12:15 with the Teen Choir.  Please email her your prayer petitions so she can keep your special requests in her prayers.  Otherwise, she keeps all of you, our Country and especially all those who serve and sacrifice for this great nation from our Military, to First Responders to the Leaders and upcoming Leaders of this Nation in her prayers - this Holy Week - "The Week That Changed The World."   May you all have a beautiful and very blessed Easter Season.

March 28

 Private Event

March 7

What do you get when you bring together 5 guys who are alumni from Notre Dame Glee Club and the soaring harmonies you hear from the 3 ladies every Saturday?  You'll find out as they join together with for a special Celebration Mass with Bishop Barber this Saturday at 4:00pm - St. Isidore Catholic Church - Danville, CA. 

February 18

Ash Wednesday - Diana will be directing the Adult Chamber Choir to kick-off the Lenten journey at 7:30pm. St. Isidore Catholic Church - Danville, CA.

February 14

 Private Event

February 7

 Private Event

January 24

 Private Event

January 15

Special Guest Appearance - GNON ~ Coca Cabana Club - Waterford Square - Dublin, CA

January 4

 Diana will be conducting the Childrens Choir at 9:00am and the Adult Choir at 10:30am - St. Isidore Catholic Church, Danville CA

January 1 - April 30

 Diana is not booking at this time, and will be spending the next few months local as she is working on projects and writing her book - "The Long Road Home".  While she is based at home, you can find her singing at St. Isidore's Catholic Church on Saturdays - 4:00pm and many times again joining the choir on Sunday's at 10:30 for public events  

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